Jaipur Rugs is one of our sister company. Jaipur rugs pursuit of profit with the spreading of tenderness in a way that benefits all of our stakeholders: our customers and their families, our employees, the artisans and their families, our suppliers, the buyers and channels we work with.

Our business is built on the bedrock of values that goes back to our father and founder, Nand Kishore Chaudhary that combines kindness as our default demeanor, compassion for those around us, and the humility that everyone deserves dignity. This means that Jaipur will work with all those that stand for these values and it drives us as an organization to work with and tap into the creative capacity of those in a society that are disadvantaged or rejected.

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Pixxel Digital is an I.T Company with its target fields in Website Development, Mobile app development, Graphic designing and Internet marketing services. We are the only destination for those who are looking forward to a range of services that are unique and peruse high-quality development efforts.

Pixxel Digital shows global presence with their wide range of services as website designing, software development, open source technology as WordPress, PHP, ASP.Net, Joomla, Magento, mobile application, content management system with our innovative and skilled expertise developer. Our expertise is able to work with diversified web technology window as well as Linux platform. In the competitive market, we have a wide scope for the newcomers in the technical market.

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